Before Surgery

1. Do not consume any aspirin or NSAID’s for 10 days prior medical approval. Taking aspirin or NSAID’s increases the risk of bleeding.
​2. The day before, trim or clip away the hair from the front of the scrotum below the penis.
3. To reduce the risk of infection, thoughly bathe the scrotum and groin the day before and the morning of the surgery.
​4. On the day of the surgery wear the Y-fronts underwear.

After Surgery

1. A Y-front underwear needs to be worn for the next two days.
2. After the procedure you can drive your car to go back home. Spend a quiet evening at home.
3. Ice packs are not needed.
​4. You can return to work the next day following the procedure.
5. Avoid sport and heavy lifting for the next two days following the procedure.
​6. Sexual activity may be resumed after 2 days. Some blood may be noticed in your ejaculate initially but this resolves quickly and is nothing to be concerned about.