My Mission

To make vasectomy services so readily, available, affordable, and personally acceptable that no pregnancies are caused by men who have reached a mature descision not to have many or any more children.


Practice Profile

Rosebud Superclinic is a state of art clinic located in an idealistic location ,2 minutes walks from the beach front.

Rosebud Superclinic provides General Practice Service to the Local population.

​Rosebud Superclinic is one of the IPN Medical Centres.​

​IPN is the prime operator of medical centres in Australia and offers professional service to over 5.5 millions Australian each year.

Rosebud Superclinic has fantastic friendly staff including: a practice manager, receptionists and nurses all dedicated to help patients and providing optimal medical care.​

Rosebud Superclinic provides specialised medical services to the local population such as Vasectomy , Men’s Health , Woman’s Health and Antenatal Care.

Rosebud Superclinic is a fully computerised clinic featuring ten counselling rooms ,fully equipped treatment room, special vasectomy procedure room and another General procedure room.

Nurses available during operating hours.

Pathology service available onsite

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